Piaff & coBW Ideol is part of the PIAFF&CO project to improve knowledge of flying fauna - birds and bats - in the vicinity of offshore wind farms. The project will use unique feedback from Floatgen, our floating wind turbine in operation in France, and in situ data from the SEM-REV test site. 

The project is run by Centrale Nantes in conjunction with the Centre d'Écologie et des Sciences de la Conservation du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle and the St Nazaire offshore wind farm.


Piaff & Co BW Ideol
Gulls at rest on the platform of the FLOATGEN wind turbine


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BW Ideol

BW Ideol entered into exclusive negotiations to raise € 40 million from ADEME Investissement to co-fund the growth of its project development activities

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Floatgen BW ideol

Floatgen achieves continuous capacity factor of nearly 60%

BW Ideol is pleased to announce continuously strong operational results from its 5-year-old Floatgen demonstrator, showing a capacity factor of nearly 60% over the last three months and a production of 25GWh since its 2018 commissioning.

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BW Ideol DR

BW Ideol teams up with Taiya Renewable Energy for both pilot and commercial-scale projects in Taiwan

BW Ideol has signed a partnership agreement with Taiya Renewable Energy for the joint development, subject to further due diligence and negotiation of the final agreements among the Parties, of a floating offshore wind pipeline including a 50 MW floating wind pilot-project and commercial-scale projects off Taiwan.

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