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History & core values

Since 2010, from the very moment the company was founded, we have considered that floating wind is the future of offshore wind. An obvious potential , but a sizeable challenge.

BW IDeol's sucCess story

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The founders’ philosophy

Tchernobyl, Deepwater Horizon, Fukushima… Our planet suffers from an energy policy enherited after the glorious 30 with noticeable signs of this suffering becoming increasingly visible.

In 2010, when Ideol was created, our founders Paul de la Guérivière and Pierre Coulombeau were convinced that to counter climate change and prepare the future’s energetic mix, offshore wind was a solution, but that floating wind – featuring unlimited depth and harmless for the coastal landscape – would rapidly become essential.

Oceans across the world offer a free and unlimited source of renewable energy. The world's most abundant and best wind ressources are located further offshore and at depths beyond 50 m.

Ideol was therefore founded with a single aim: introduce innovation to the segment of foundations for offshore wind turbines and especially in the segment of floating foundations in order to greatly reduce the cost of offshore turbines. 

3 years of development... then business

The engineers and experts collaborating with us have used their vast experience of the offshore industry and renewable energies to develop a floating breaktrough technology for offshore turbines, based on our parent patent: Damping Pool®.  After a series of tank tests, Ideol launched the development of its first prototype (Floatgen) and was then contacted by the Japanese gouvernment to engineer two other demonstrators. The wheels were turning!

From Ideol to BW Ideol

In February 2021, BW Offshore signed a share purchase agreement to become a strategic owner of Ideol S.A., creating a renewable energy company (named BW Ideol) with market-leading capabilities based on in-house developed and proven technology, supported by BW Offshore’s extensive experience from development and operation of offshore energy production systems. 

BW Ideol has clear strategic targets :

  1. Expand and mature a significant portfolio of development projects,
  2. Growth as a technology and EPC services provider,
  3. Become a long-term asset owner and operator.



We are honest, fair and humble


We promote truthful relations with all stakeholders


We care for our positive impact on society and on others


We work as a team and act collaboratively


We are curious, open-minded and we value diversity


We promote autonomy, initiative and we trust each other


We are bold and aim for the best


We value taking risks to succeed and innovate


We support thinking differently


We help build a sustainable world


We act with courage and determination


We are self-demanding and seek excellence


We go to the core of problems to deliver innovative solutions


We actively seek opportunities to learn and improve continuously


We value creativity and pragmatism

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Our technology

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Produit Standard illustration

BW Ideol unveils its standard floating foundation for mass production with a disruptive market approach

During the FOWT event in Marseille, BW Ideol, one of the global leaders in the sector, unveiled its brand-new market approach combining standardization and mass production to a selected panel of utilities and partners.

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Laurent Verdier

Laurent Verdier joins BW Ideol as Chief Business Development Officer

BW Ideol AS, global leader in floating offshore wind, is pleased to announce the nomination of Laurent Verdier as Chief Business Development Officer, succeeding Bruno Geschier, who served the company faithfully for almost a decade.

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BW Ideol and ADEME Investissement completes first financial closing for joint offshore floating wind development company

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